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Americana Part 2


Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images

A few images around the place of kids being kids.

Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images

This one I kinda like. A nice moment on the logs above the creek.

Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images

Bonfire and 'smores time.

Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images

OK, maybe that bonfire was a tad big for the simple task of burning a few marshmallows.

Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images

But the light was nice.

Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images

Then a light-stick enhanced game of capture the flag to finish the evening.

Check 'Em

Here's two really super pieces that are worth a look.

Bill Eppridge, one of the most talented people to ever pick up a camera, talks about his experience covering Woodstock for Life on the New York Times' Lens blog.

Photographer Andrew Hetherington, of WTJ gets an insider's look at producing a big shoot from Wired's creative director Scott Dadich.

I learned a little something from both.

Magic City Profile


Well, if David Hume Kennerly can be SHOOTER, why can't I be the shootist?

I must admit, I totally spaced this until I got a phone call from my dad last night wondering where his copy was. You see my Aunt Anita had just called him, because she had heard from her son, and well, you can see pretty quickly exactly how bad I am at self-promotion.

Anyway, it's a very nice (and kind) piece written by local legend Jim Gransbery for Magic City Magazine. The pictures were shot by another local legend, David Grubbs

It's not David's fault that I had gotten the single worst haircut of my life the day before.

The only problem is that this isn't easy to see on the interweb. Here's what you do...

Then find "The Shootist: The life and work of Ken Jarecke" on the pulldown menu.

Then click on the left side of the thumbnail to get a readable image. You only get one page at a time like this, so you have to use the "next" button on the upper right side of the page to get through the entire article.

The url never changes, so I think this article will only be available as long as the print issue is out. So if you reading this in September, the article will probably be gone.

Hope you enjoy it!