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Photo Auctions for Japan


I'm sure there will be many more, but here's a few of the first auctions I've seen. There are certainly some bargains to be had, and your purchase price will (hopefully) do some good.


Of the many familiar names donating work, I'm very impressed with street shooter Charlie Kirk (perhaps because I'm just discovering him) who lives in Tokyo. You can read his first person account here.


Here's a partial list of auctions...

Flickr - Charity Print Auctions Uneven, but there are some gems to be found, including two by Charlie Kirk.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery Interesting.

20X200 Emily Shur

20X200   Joseph O. Holmes

Wall Space Nice group of images.

Bamboo Forest Big glossy print by Trey Ratcliff


I swiped three of these listings from Elizabeth Avedon, she seems to be on top of the situation, so check her blog here for possible updates.