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A Dye-Transfer Print Deal by Ctein

Ctein, Kahili Wild Ginger

There aren't too many people that still make dye-transfer prints. The materials are no longer made. The process is hard, even frustrating, and expensive. The results, well are just plain stunning and somehow make it all worthwhile.

All except one of the people still doing dye-transfers produce them from transparency film. There's only one that makes them from negative film. You might have heard of him. His name is Ctein.

I started working with Ctein about fifteen years ago when I needed to have a dye-transfer produced. At the time, he was the ONLY person in the WORLD who could actually even do this for me. I just can't stress the uniqueness of this fellow.

No wonder he only needs one name.

The reason I bring this up is that he just announced a once in a lifetime type of deal. I'm not exaggerating.

Ctein is offering two prints. Get either one for $100, or both for $180.


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seattle editorial photographer

Thanks for the heads up.

Kenneth Jarecke

Yes, to publicly answer your questions. I bought both prints myself.

I've always wanted one of Ctein's prints and now I have two on the way. I can't wait to get them, and just in time for the holidays!

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