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Xmas Card


Kenneth Jarecke, Contact Press Images

I saw this on the side of the road today. The light was right, so I thought maybe a Christmas card.

This first view didn't work. I don't like the fence line and the big corner post, besides its too obvious.

Kenneth Jarecke, Contact Press Images

This I like better, but that tree on the ridge...not happening. This was close, but I didn't even see that tree up there. I was really more concerned with getting the kids (who were waiting in the car) some dinner.

Kenneth Jarecke, Contact Press Images

I went with frozen. Pot pies and pizza, kind of a diner's choice if you will. The wife will be home in a few short hours (after five days), so cleaning house is also on the menu. Of course, there's always time for a comment on the commercialization of Christmas (specially when you don't even have to get out of the car).

Thanks Ho Ho!

Kenneth Jarecke, Contact Press Images

This one I like, but it doesn't have anything to do with Christmas. Unless... that is a barn there, and the moon is kind of like a star... yeah, a bit of a stretch.

Well, I've never sent Christmas cards out in the past, so I'm not really under any pressure to start.

Maybe I'll go back to that tree and give it another shot.

I'm joking about going back to that tree. I think we all know that isn't going to happen.


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