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IE8 Brings the Funny

I've got two different, one degree of separations happening here. If that makes sense.

First, a big time developer (the guy has a corner office!) on Internet Explorer 8 is a former roommate of mine. Plus I dated his sister, so that's like blood right there.

Second, Craig Anton, another former roommate of mine, is one of the comedians feature on the above promo video.

How weird is that... or should I say awesome?

I don't have anything more to add... well, this was a commercial gig, so I assume there was a fat check involved, which is even more awesome.

Also, ninjas really don't talk that much, err, not at all really. They try to be really quiet

This is more of a samurai type of ninja we've got happening here.


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The ninja bit with the bag of leaves is really hilarious ... I wonder how many people out there got that one.

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