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Yes, I am Going to Keep On Loving You


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I just can't fight the feeling. I really need to share this. Rocker of REO Speedwagon fame, Kevin Cronin bought a print of mine a little while back from the Toucan Gallery in Billings, Montana!

Being a child of the seventies comes with certain responsibilities. One of which is to embrace and share exactly how big-hair goofy you actually are. So it is with great pride and humility (if those two can go together) that I publicly declare that REO rocks yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I'm also proud to report that Kevin was a totally great guy. He makes a point while traveling of visiting local galleries AND purchasing work to help guys like yours truly to keep ridin' the storm out.

How cool is that?

What I Imagined at the Revolution


Sipa Press for TIME Magazine

First the good news.

TIME has news on the cover this week.

That bad news?

Honestly, I have no idea what that even means. Was something added? Was something removed? We don't know.

Obviously, there's a pretty bad burn happening, plus that sky was pulled right down into springtime in tornado alley territory.

Is the photo credit simply acknowledging the bad manipulation, as opposed to what normally happens on the cover of a magazine?

Who knows?

Maybe it's a Persian thing.


That's a might impressive crowd.