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I Can Haz That?

Photomonth '09 in East London

Photomonth is the largest photo festival in the United Kingdom, though somehow it hasn't quite hit the international photo-scene radar yet. Well, at least not the international photo scene that's based in the high plains of rural Montana.

It's young, I think this is only the seventh or eighth one. Still with something like 150 events and an all star line-up (click here, but be warned the list is huge) including Tom Stoddart, Gideon Mendel, and Martin Parr (actually you aren't allowed to have any photography related events in London without him, it's a law), you'd think the youth hostels would already be filled with the Keffiyeh crowd.

I'm thinking of showing up myself.

I've got a job booked around there next month, so we'll see how that goes.


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