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I thought they were going to release this last month, but no such luck.

Stop toying with us already and hand it over!

This is why all the Time/Life publications are now on the selling block. It is not about the people (left) working there, the archives, or the quality of content they can produce. All that stuff is meaningless to any serious potential buyer.

It's only about the branding. Putting the word "time" in red, or the word "life" in white surrounded by a red box on a delivery system like the one above (a Gizmodo mock-up btw).

That's the appeal.

The important thing to remember is that this gadget will come with an iTunes type of shopping cart in which people can buy the content you create. You don't need a big record label to sell your music on iTunes.

That's what I mean when I say photographers need to become "end-users" of their own work. So Steve, stop screwing around. We'd all like to get back to our jobs!

(Consider this an officially apology for that last sentence.)


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Jonny Tilney

Ahh yes. But those worker bees at Apple in Cupertino have to get this past the Steve Jobs scrutiny test, and the grandmother test, so that when you get it, all it does is just work.

Better that than have it half developed and sort of working...

For sure, there are companies panicking about what effects this device is going to have on media/publishing/computer makers etc etc.

Can't wait!!

Pete Marovich

You are exactly right!

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