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Joe Klamar, My Hero

What a Ball

The kids had a ball the other night. Here are a few frames.


Yes, this one could have gone black & white. That's how I saw it, but I like the color of the curlers sitting on the couch. A bit of an HCB echo in this one.


It was overcast and raining all day, so when the sun popped out I grabbed a camera from the car and took advantage of the situation.


Nothing fancy, just find the light and stick a kid in it. There's a lot you can do with a single body and a 35mm lens.


These kids today are enitrely to comfortable in front of the camera!


No, I didn't have a strobe with me. I wasn't really planning on making any pictures. Three verticals out of five must be a record for me. I usually avoid them. More shades of HCB I guess.

All images copyright 2012 Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images


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