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I like this kid. He needs some steel reels, but besides that he's got it going on. He makes nice pictures too.

Something weird is happening. Not like Dr. Who weird. More like there's an underlying trend flowing past us right now, but it's not big enough for us to get a real good look at it, but we know it's there.

Yeah, so exactly like Dr. Who weird.

#filmphotography was trending on Twitter today. Where'd that come from? Besides my freezer, where do you even get film these days?

Photographer Donna Ferrato, was also trending today. Sure she's great and all, but it's not like she's photographing celebrites or something. There was a wonderful piece about her latest project on the New York Times Lens Blog today, but I'm not sure that completely explains it.

Are people really interested in serious subject matter?

The whole thing with Joe Klamar was strange. Ordinary people as well as un-ordinary people (that'd be photographers) were quite upset about what they preceived as a lack of quality in his portraits of U.S. Olympians. 

In a country that largely relies on it's nephews to take their wedding photos, when was the last time quality was an issue in photography?

This piece in the Wall Street Journal talks about people hiring photographers to make their vacation photos... mostly because they don't want to be embarrassed on Facebook.

Isn't everybody a photographer now? Take your own damn vacation photos. That's good fruity alcoholic drink money you're throwing away.

Listen, all I'm saying is this stuff is weird.

Advertisers are starting to figure out Facebook doesn't work for most products.

Heck, online advertising doesn't work well in general when you're selling something you can't buy on Amazon.

Could it be there's a real need for printing advertising on paper? If so, maybe you could squeeze some content your customer is interested in seeing around the edges?

It's a thought.

Just make sure your content is great. Today's consumer will go Klamar on your ass.




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