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Holiday Print Sale 2013 (Updated)

This year's print sale is now over.

All prints will be shipped on Dec. 10.

It’s time for my annual Holiday Print sale. The goal is to get prints under some Christmas trees which will eventually make their way onto the walls of some photography lovers. As always, this year’s selection is half priced, but this year the shipping is also free. The prints are made with pigment ink on archival paper. Signed on the front, signed and dated on the back, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

This time I’ve widen the selection a bit. There are a couple old favorites as well as some new pieces. Orders will be accepted until December 9th. All orders will be shipped no later than Dec. 10th. I won’t be accepting or shipping international orders this year. The costs and hassle is just too much (I’m sorry to say).


Thank you all for the great response to this year’s print offer. It gives me great joy to deliver these collectable prints at such a great price. To express my thanks, here’s a holiday surprise to wrap things up (you’ll have to supply the actual gift wrapping yourself).

Two of my most popular prints, together for less than half price. 

This offer ends promptly at noon (MST) on December 9, 2013.

I’m trying to create a win/win situation, so please don’t call me after the deadline because you hesitated and missed out. As of this writing you’ve got less than seven days so make your order today.


Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Bathers” was made in New York City during the summer of 1990.

Like “Under the Boardwalk” since originally appearing in Time Magazine, this image has been widely reproduced over the years since. It too is a favorite of collectors and also a personal favorite of mine (I have both prints hanging in my home). 



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Trombone Santa” was made in Philadelphia in December of 2001.

This image was made for U.S. News & World Report a couple months after 9/11. I traveled around the country for the magazine and attempted to capture the mood of the country at the time. I included this image in last years sale and not a single print was ordered. I think it’s a powerful image which transcends the documentary nature and speaks on a number of levels. I’m not going to dissect it here, but if it speaks to you then it should be in your collection.



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Tonapah Range with Cow” was made in Nye County, Nevada in April of 2008.

Yes, it’s a cow not a bull. I made that mistake, misidentifying the gender of a bovine, in the very first image I had published and I’m not about to make it again (long story). This is big country and a cow might just have use for her horns now and then. The print just sings. Graphically it’s very strong and the black & white tones are gorgeous.



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Montana Sweat” was made near Wyola, Montana in December of 1991.

Towards the end of a Sports Illustrated assignment to document Native American basketball on the Crow Reservation in Montana I was honored to be invited to a family’s sweat. It was brutal. Thankfully, they advised me to get out after the first three rounds before things got really hot.



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Under the Boardwalk” was made in New York City during the summer of 1990.

This image has been widely reproduced over the years since it was originally produced for Time Magazine in their “Rotting of the Big Apple” cover story. It is a fan favorite and also a personal favorite. I love the idea of making it available at this price. 



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Beach Jump” was made in Maputo, Mozambique in October of 2004.

I was in Mozambique doing a piece on former child soldiers with legendary writer Joe Galloway (if you haven’t already, or you need an excuse to be thankful this holiday season, you gotta read his book). Moments don’t get too much more decisive then this. If a single element was out of place, the entire image would fall apart. The layering happening in this image is sweet too. To up the ante, the image was made on Tri_X with a genuine Leica M6.



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013 

“Stick Woman” was made in Ethiopia during the winter of 2002.

It’s a classic, and another healthy reminder to constantly count our blessings. This woman (along with others) carries a load of sticks like this eight miles everyday. If you look at the image and squint, you just might be able to see a (cartoonish) head of a lion formed by her silhouette. It took the eyes of a child to reveal that to me, so I can’t take credit for it. I chalk it up to the magic of photography.



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Fromberg Lover’s Lane” was made in Fromberg, Montana in October of 2013.

I wanted to raise the level of difficulty a bit by trying to make five images that work together as a single piece. I call it the “Five Series”. The single images are strong, but together they’re stronger and work to create a fun narrative.



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Wire Ball” was made in Carbon County, Montana in October of 2013.

The ball of wire was found “as is” in the high country of Carbon County, Montana (not to far from the Pryor Mountains). Whoever left it there wasn’t trying to create art. It’s cool and makes an interesting form study which works on a wall.



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Boys and Hogs” was made at the Montana State Fair in August of 2009.

I love making pictures at the fair. There’s no better place to hunt for images of classic Americana. As they’re waiting to compete in the finals, you can see how these boys have bonded with their animals.



Kenneth Jarecke/Contact Press Images © 2013

“Grabbing Air” was made during the Beijing games in August of 2008.

This was not an easy image to make, but I think being strapped to a catwalk for a couple of hours in 105 degree heat was totally worth it. Moments like these are why I love to photograph sports. It’s eye-candy to be sure, but it’s also captures a peak moment of athletic ability.

If you don’t like using the buttons, I will also accept a personal check. Please email me at,


Many thanks, and please have a blessed holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah!


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