Foreign Tongue Exhibit

The Foreign Tongue Exhibit, curated by Andrea Serbonich is opening tonight and running through January 16 at the Central Utah Art Center in Ephraim, Utah.

I have to apologize, I should have posted this a few days ago. I'm not such a good public relations type of guy.

I've seen most of the work and it is a very impressive. I'll post a few images from the opening when I get them. Here's the info...

Foreign Tongue

Foreign Tongue: David Burnett

An Exhibition curated by Andrea Serbonich. 
December 12 - 
January 16, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 12 from 6-8pm

Central Utah Art Center 
86 South Main 
Ephraim, UT 84627 

Foreign Tongue situates a photojournalistic approach in a fine art context. Most of the photographers in this exhibition have renown for their arresting and captivating imagery in traditional media such as Time Magazine, The New York Times and Life Magazine. For others, they are fine art photographers using a documentary style to evoke visceral feelings.

Using a narrative approach, a story of an outsider unfolds; intimate and familiar emotions are provoked and juxtaposed with feelings of the strange and unfamiliar. Media surrounds us with images of conflicted countries and corrupt states that it is hard to imagine this discord exists in our own backyards and that in some war –torn countries, peace and unity exist side by side with terror. Foreign Tongue challenges preconceived ideas of boundary, intimacy, community and what is deemed foreign and exotic today.

In a series of photographs by David Butow entitled China Youth, the growing pains of China and their large and youthful population are documented and explored. In David Burnett’s series of Cuba, the viewer takes part in a world that is forbidden to the United States. Egypt, a biblical land known for some of the world’s most incredible wonders becomes updated and modernized in Kenneth Jarecke’s photographs. Also included, are vibrant photographs of Mexico City by Alexander Pincus and a side of New York City that most have not seen before by Juozas Cernius.

Andrea Serbonich currently coordinates exhibitions for Gagosian Gallery and is an independent curator. She lives and works in New York City.

This exhibition is one of many at the CUAC that features highly acclaimed artists from around the world.  A review of our programming has recently been included in the highly influential international Flash Art magazine published in Milan, Italy.  Artists who have shown at the CUAC over the last four years have been included in the Whitney Biennial, the Venice Biennial, collected by Charles Saatchi; they have been exhibited in the Getty Museum, Whitney Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Saatchi Gallery, major museums in Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Korea, and Spain;  They have shown in Deitch Projects, Mary Boone Gallery, Freight and Volume Gallery, the Drawing Center, and many other important New York, Los Angeles, and international venues.

Foreign Tongue: David Butow


Printing for this exhibition was generously donated by Replicolor.


Photomonth '09 in East London

Photomonth is the largest photo festival in the United Kingdom, though somehow it hasn't quite hit the international photo-scene radar yet. Well, at least not the international photo scene that's based in the high plains of rural Montana.

It's young, I think this is only the seventh or eighth one. Still with something like 150 events and an all star line-up (click here, but be warned the list is huge) including Tom Stoddart, Gideon Mendel, and Martin Parr (actually you aren't allowed to have any photography related events in London without him, it's a law), you'd think the youth hostels would already be filled with the Keffiyeh crowd.

I'm thinking of showing up myself.

I've got a job booked around there next month, so we'll see how that goes.

Slideshow in Los Angeles

The Annenberg Space for Photography is hosting a slideshow night featuring the work of thirty accomplished photojournalists, such as Nina Berman, David Butow, Deanne Fitzmaurice,  Lisa Hogben, Ed Kashi, Brenda Ann Kenneally, and myself, the night of September 17, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Here's your personal invitation. 

This is a free event, with great photography, complimentary food, complimentary beverages, and it is fricken free. You will however, need to make a reservation. This is only a week away, so don't drag your feet on this one.